Our Goals

Making People Smile

The most satisfying work you can do is get others to smile and appreciate life. Our main purpose is to create better living conditions for people and make people smile. Whether it's our visitor or those who live in Nikolozi; We want them to smile. We want to help those who are in need and give them the opportunity to support themselves and the family. Our project aims for it and for preserving Georgian culture.

Our goal is never to profit from charity. The amount we will receive as donations, we will spend to improve the people living in Nikolozi. Our mission is to make Nikolozi a happy place for those in need and a beautiful cultural tourist destination in Georgia.

Meaningful charity

The Nikolozi project is a meaningful way to contribute to the future of others and get satisfaction by directly seeing the results of the contributions. You get regular reports on how your money is used. Or visit us in Georgia!

  • Give support to Nikolozi and attract that smile to those who need help
  • Give the opportunity for self-help
  • Prevent is better than cure
  • Your contributions are used where they are most needed

Our vision

Our vision is to help others to a better future and create the conditions for a better life for the people who lost hope and struggle daily.

  • Build people's self-esteem
  • Provide the conditions to create their own livelihood
  • Increasing capacity
  • Provide support for development in their cultural environment
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