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Our Mission

Our mission and vision is to create such a place where people will be able to feel the harmony of nature with the lifestyle of Georgian culture. Those who visit Nikolozi will also play an important role for Nikolozi's people. Your contribution is decisive for them.

Life is not just about living and just for your own sake. Instead, we must think of others as well. We need to think about the surroundings, how the people around us live! If vu can then it is satisfying to show that they give them a better life and living conditions. All contributions count: small and large! The more we are contributing, the more can be helped for a better everyday life in Georgia

Protecting the Heritage and Culture

Our Georgian ancient tradition and heritage diminishes day by day due to modern times and lifestyle. Nikolozi team is working to maintain the tradition in Georgia. At our open-air museum you will find all the traditional cultural elements of Georgia. You will feel that you have traveled 50 years back, but trust us, you have not done so.

our mission

Our Nikolozi team and those who live in Nikolozi create a great atmosphere. Entrepreneurs create the conditions for a better life through their own efforts. It is possible to get out of poverty. Your help makes it faster!

  • A completely peaceful atmosphere to revive you from within
  • No proclaimed donation amount. Donate what you want to
  • Network-driven collaborative approaches.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team to give the best service to the tourists who comes to Nikolozi. Tourists visiting Nikolozi never feel any lacking of service over there.
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Nato Kamkya

Nato Kamkiya

PR manager

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Operations Assistant







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